I have finally assembled my server tower!  I am posting updated photos and info.  So far I have installed the two workstations. I’m still having some problems with the second computers motherboard but I have a temp fix worked out until I figure it out.  I will explain technical details later.


Anywho, here it is, Rolling server rack with 2 workstations and a server.  I’m currently using a Proventia g400 but I also have a Cyberguard ks1500 that I decided not to use so it is currently FOR SALE!  Contact me if your interested in purchasing a Cyberguard KS 1500 or a Del Server Rack.


So the 2 workstations are networked together through the Proventia g400 server.  I’m using Remote Desktop and also manually switching the keyboard usb cables between the two computers.  I have added a USB KVM switch to my list of needed hardware, as well as HDMI video INPUT card and multi channel audio input card.


Currently both workstations are running with 1TB each, the server is hot-swap SCSI.  I still need to purchase a second processor for the server and additional hard drives, my next plan for this computer is to connect it to 2 Sony HD video cameras and record and video mix live stereoscopic video.  Hopefully it will be ready for its first show by August 21st.


So this last week I have been working on putting together the first workstation computer for the rolling server rack.

The First Workstation Specs Are:

ASUS M3A76-CM Motherboard
AMD Phenom 8650 2.3GHz Triple Core Processor
2x 2GB DDR2 RAM (4GB total)
6x USB 2.0 Slots
Onboard ATI Radeon 3000 with VGA and DVI output

I have also connected a Pioneer DVD R/RW Drive

To finish this system I need:
2x 26″ Sliding Server Rails to mount the Rack
Hard Drives… Lots of Hard Drives…




I have also connected a 20″ Dell Flat Screen Monitor that will be later upgraded for a touch screen or a Wacom Cintiq. I am using a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse combo as well.

One problem I ran into while building this computer was that the power supply for my rack mount case did not have a 24 pin power supply which is what most new motherboards require. This required the old power supply to be replaced. The problem was that the plug for the power is at the back of the case while the power supply is at the front. This was going to require that the power was plugged in at the front of the machine and would have been very inconvenient. I picked up half a dozen Female Disconnects and crimped them onto a stripped power cord and rewired the power supply to the back of the case. I will have to do this to the second case as well.

So now I wait… hard drives are ordered but I still need 26″ server rails to attach the case inside the rack. If you know where I could get a small lot of these for inexpensive please contact me.